The Rules of Investing – Podcast

This interview with Patrick Poke from Livewire Markets is a wide-ranging discussion covering investment philosophy, lessons learnt and recent additions to the AIM Global High Conviction portfolio, including Apple and Alibaba. We hope you find it thought-provoking.

0:00 – Intro & welcome
1:56 – Lessons in communication
2:56 – Best companies in the world
3:50 – A difficult transition to a long game
5:57 – The best days: when you’re doing nothing
7:46 – Australia for income, ROW for growth
10:15 – Tremendous opportunities in the Trade Wars
13:05 – A rethinking around the dark art of shorting
17:42 – Why Charlie is considering buying Boeing back
22:49 – A portfolio that is not complacent about change
25:22 – To reflect the future you don’t need enormous risk
27:34 – Why high conviction means good risk management
30:07 – 4 top stocks in the Trade War firing line
32:22 – Inspiration from Uncle Walt and Peter Lynch
37:03 – Advice to Charlie’s younger self
42:43 – Alibaba: a better business than Amazon